Specializing in proper pruning & technical removals


Services Include:

- Large Removals
- Proper Pruning
- Thinning

- Cabling
- Fuels Reduction
- Hedge Trimming
- Fruit Tree Pruning
- Emergency Storm Damage


Trees in urban areas need pruning.

In nature it dosen't matter if trees fall apart and die. But as valuable assets to our property we care that they live, and we certainly don't want them falling apart on our houses, cars and small children. Proper pruning techniques help keep trees healthy and safe.



It matters how you prune your trees.

Poor pruning techniques can cause your trees to break , get diseased and potentially die in the long run. For example, after trees are topped, they generally grow many sprouts where the main stem used to be. These new branches make the tree look aesthetically unnatural, are weekly attached and often break out.


Proper pruning practices however will make your trees healthy and safe. At Heartwood, we take the time and effort to inspect each limb for good attachment and reducing weight if needed providing an overall crown reduction. This brings the center of gravity in while leaving the healthy branch attachments in place.


There are many many more reasons to have your trees properly pruned. Call us today!


The best times to have your trees pruned

Preventative: The best time to have an arborist prune your trees is before a problem arises. Many health and safety problems that arise in trees can be mitigated through routine maintenance- which is cheaper in the long run.


Young Trees: After planting a young tree, the first 5 years are the most important time to develop a structurally sound tree. If you establish good structure from the beginning, the tree will be lower maintenance for the rest of its life.


MatureTrees: After neglect or storm damage, mature trees require pruning.  Pruning reduces risk of failure, provides clearance, improves aesthetics, clears views, improves wind resistance. In a nut shell, pruning makes your trees safe and prolongs their lives. Sometimes, trees need to be removed and others can be planted in their place.



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